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Solar PV System

We provide most cost-effective and easy-to-use solar PV system for home, school, colleges, and business houses looking to reduce energy costs by using a clean and efficient energy system

Solar Water Heater

Hot water is basic necessity in a home, office, hotel, hospital or an industrial establishment. We provide and install incredibly efficient solar hot water heaters which provide instant hot water all year long, at practically no cost.

Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump is one of the most practical applications of solar energy today. We provide and install reliable stand-alone solar water pumps that require no fuel and very little attention to operate and maintain.

Solar Street Light

One of the most innovative outdoor solar lighting solutions on the market, combining the best of solar, battery and lighting technologies into one seamless solution.

Other Products and Services

Hydro Power

Hydropower has tremendous potential to provide clean dispatchable electrical power for communities in difficult geographical regions. We provide and install incredibly efficient Pico and Micro hydro systems.

Consultancy & Detail Project Preparation

We offer our services in Project and Management Consultancy to our client. The quality and consistency of our services is based on the solid foundation of a structured knowledge base, appropriate tools & techniques and regular interaction with our clients

Service & Maintenance

We provide services and maintenance of you solar system installed by SusConnect and also by any other supplier. This includes regular inspection, breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, solar panel cleaning at competitive rates, discounted upgrades and many more features.

Doorstep Support

We are committed to provide most reliable and cost effective renewable energy products as well as services at your doorstep without charging extra cost.

Full Automation

As part of automation services, we provide control systems for monitoring and controlling the plant based on customer requirement.


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Warranty Policy

We provide the most dependable warranty policy for products. Post warranty contact us to receive the best service to fit your needs.

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